Friday, May 21, 2010

A Year Later {7}

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I have a confession: I hate quiche. And chicken salad. And pimento cheese. And I generally don't love any of the types of food that were in our budget to serve at our reception. And we had a huge guest list. 426 to be exact. And that's just people who were ON the guest list. There were more that got verbal invitations. Don't go all Emily Post on me at this point--Carter is on staff at our church. Our church of 4,000 members. For our youth group of 300+. We didn't really know who would want to be there and who couldn't care less, so we just sort of told the regulars that they were welcome to come. My guess is that actual attendance was somewhere around 350--at least that's what I've been told. I don't really remember :)

So, back to the food. I like dessert. Of all kinds. Carter does, too. So that's what we served. There were cupcakes:

Four different varieties: red velvet with cream cheese icing, strawberry with cream cheese icing, chocolate with chocolate icing and spice cake with cream cheese icing.

The miniature cake on top (which we cut) was white cake with caramel icing. YUM! I'll let you know after Sunday if it's any good a year later...

There were also chocolate mint brownies and lemon bites.

And the best sugar cookies ever. They are even more amazing because they are from Kroger (a grocery store)!

We also had miniature key lime pies, miniature cheesecakes with different toppings, and Oreo truffles...better known as "O Balls"...and the O doesn't stand for Oreo. True story. (Random fact: the girl in the black and white dress and the boy behind her are now engaged! I'm so excited for them! The two girls are sorority sisters, and the boy is in our brother fraternity. I loved sharing my wedding day with such important friends!)

So yes, our reception was a diabetic coma waiting to happen. And it was awesome! We also had bowls of Chex Mix at each table. My mom made the Chex Mix (her recipe is the BEST. EVER.) and the O Balls. She worked so hard on this wedding, which made it even more special!

Carter & I cut the cake:

And I made this ridiculous face the whole time...

Or else I was super-concentrated:

And we fed each other cake, the classy way:

It was really good cake:

We danced:

And I danced with my daddy:

And I made that ridiculous face some more:

My dad made a toast:

There was a garter toss:

And a bouquet toss (this is my favorite series of pictures from the wedding day):

And I've bombarded you with enough pictures for one day...

Next up: Details, details
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garden state prep said...

This series of posts have been lovely!

Melanie's Randomness said...

I love the idea of the cupcakes!! It's so much easier than cutting a million pieces of cake!! awww. That's so funny with the line of ladies waiting for the bouquet. What beautiful pictures & a lovely wedding!!

~KS said...

If I ever get married, I am serving cupcakes. Funfetti. The out-of-a-box kind. My favorite- the idea makes my mother cringe... but I can't imagine anything more fabulous!!

Looks like your wedding was a blast!

Lacey said...

What an adorable idea with the cupcakes. Seriously sooo cute!

Emmy said...

Okay those food pictures made me totally hungry and wanting some sweets ASAP! Looks like you did it just right with your food. Fun pictures.