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A Year Later {5}

Part {1}, {2}, {3}, {4}

You may not know this about me, but I have aspirations to be a print/graphic designer. This means, of course, that I designed all of my wedding stationery. I plan on showing you all the invitation suite soon. But, to start with, take a look at the programs!

Our ceremony truly was our favorite part of our day--we worked in several elements that are very "us." And, after all, the ceremony--the actual process of pledging your life and love to another human being--is the reason we did any of this anyway!

I'll take you through the ceremony:

First up: Music. Carter is a musician. Music was VERY important to us. We wanted the music to reflect who we are. We were (and are!) so very blessed to attend a church FULL of talented musicians. They gifted us their time and talents by providing music for our ceremony. It was truly wonderful! They played various selections of contemporary Christian music for the prelude. I honestly don't know what they played, as we just trusted them to make it awesome! And I was told it was :)

These are my sorority sisters and lifeblood of my college experience. If it wouldn't have been absolutely RIDICULOUS, I would have had them all as bridesmaids. But as that was a little unreasonable, I instead had them process in, together, to take their seats as special guests. (Can you spot Julie?)

Julie is my grand-little (my little sister's little sister in our sorority), and I love this girl something FIERCE (just like her!). Carter & I agreed to have 4 attendants each, and I simply hated to not have Julie honored in some way. This girl is important! So, I asked her if she would lead the procession of sisters, of special guests. She was gracious enough to oblige. And isn't she gorgeous in that dress?!?!?!

Each of the women of Delta Omicron Pi carried a single white rose, our sorority's flower. They walked in to "Bless'd Be The Tie That Binds," which is a very special song to our group. I simply loved being able to include these phenomenal women in this way.

Next came the entrance of the grandmothers and mothers. I promise my dad was more excited than he looks in this picture :) My mom actually cried when she tried on this dress. She knew it was the dress she'd wear on the day I got married, and she's sentimental like that! She, Carter's parents, his two grandmothers, and my grandparents on my father's side, came into the sanctuary while the band played "O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing" -- David Crowder Band style. 

After the mothers and grandmothers were seated, the bridal party made their grand entrance. Carter, his brother/best man, and the pastor came in together. Then, each bridesmaid and groomsman entered, in pairs. The sanctuary at our church is quite large. There is a center aisle, as well as an aisle on either side of the center aisle. There is also a horizontal aisle across the middle (I told you it was huge!). The girls started down the far left aisle, the boys down the far right, then they walked to the center aisle via the horizontal aisle, and finished the walk together down the second half of the center aisle. I'm sure that's clear as mud :) My sister/MOH walked in by herself, straight down the center aisle.

My cousin was the flower girl. She was about 18 months old! She is carrying the same basket I carried in my aunt Denise's wedding when I was 6 (except we spray painted it). My mom made her dress. She's too stinkin' cute! The bridal party walked in to "Beautiful One" by Tim Hughes.

Then it was my turn to come in...Carter had eyes only for me. His brother, on the other hand, was more interested in what the photographer was doing :)

Yup, that's my dad. Crying. I get my emotional side from both parents! My processional song was "Joyful Joyful." We just asked the band to make it fun and upbeat. This is a party, after all! It was very important to me to have this song featured in my wedding ceremony. My mom and dad used it as their recessional song in 1977, and my sister and brother-in-law used it as their recessional in 2006. So why did I use it for a processional? We'll get there in a second.

Well, we'll actually get there a little later. This post is long enough! I'll have more for you soon though, don't worry!

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