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A Year Later {3}

Part {1}, {2}
{If you don't want to read about the drama, feel free to scroll down to the bottom for the pictures! I won't be offended!}

So, at the rehearsal dinner, I remembered that the embroidery shop never called me to tell me that the handkerchiefs/pocket squares that hubs and his groomsmen were going to be wearing (in place of boutonnieres) were ready. The pocket squares were to be monogrammed, and I dropped them off at the embroidery shop the Monday before the wedding. The man there told me he would call me when they were finished, and I could go pick them up. When I realized he'd not called me, I didn't panic--I just decided I'd call the shop first thing the next morning, find out what time they opened, and one of my fabulous best friends who was there for the weekend could run and pick them up. Ha. Ha. Ha.

I woke up early (I think maybe around 7) on the morning of the wedding. Before I'd showered, gotten dressed, even put on deodorant or brushed my teeth, I called the embroidery shop. By the time I finished listening to the message, I was in tears. They weren't open on Saturdays. I left a message on the machine, begging the store to some how let me get my pocket squares. I told them my wedding was at three, and I'd do anything I could to get the squares so I'd have them in time for the wedding. I was terrified that I wasn't going to have ANYTHING for hubs and his groomsmen that would distinguish them from the rest of the suit-wearing men at our wedding. We hadn't ORDERED boutonnieres--we didn't need them! And now my plan was unraveling (sorry for the terrible pun).

We rallied the troops and tried to figure out what to do. My friend LeRae had just bought a couple of yards of white fabric that she was going to use to make her ring-bearer pillow for her own wedding. She sacrificed the fabric the cause--we'd just find someone else who could do the embroidery. By 3 p.m. We started making phone calls. And that just wasn't going to happen. By the time I left the house for my hair appointment (at the beauty school!), we had resigned ourselves to the fact that the guys would just have white pocket squares. They wouldn't even be hemmed. They'd just be rough-cut pieces of fabric stuffed in their pockets. I was so disappointed...

Fast forward to around 10 a.m. I'm sitting in the chair, getting my hair did, with my BFF Lisa near by. My phone rings, and sure enough, it's the owner of the embroidery shop. He'd gone to the store, gotten the pocket squares, and driven them to his OTHER store, the one that IS open on Saturdays. After we finished with my hair, Lisa and I ran to the bank, I got cash out for her, and sent her to find a store that I'd never been to in a town she doesn't live in. But, she's a rock star and by the time I'd gotten my make up done and was at the church, the embroidered pocket squares were there too. Crisis Averted! Yay!

Oh, and yes, after the drama of the morning, I DID fail to send one of my ladies to the room where the guys were getting ready to make sure they were wearing the pocket squares correctly. So yes, for all of the "grooms and groomsmen only" pictures--YOU CAN'T SEE THE EMBROIDERY. {face palm}

{see the red squares? no embroidery!}

{it's ok. my mom to the rescue!}
{see the red square? embroidery! groomsmen had their last initial on theirs. this is my brother-in-law!}

{see the red square? hubs had his full monogram. and that's my sister!}

The only other day-of drama involved the florist. She was late, for starters, but there was traffic, so I understand that. But bouquet...I bought keychains with each of my BM's first initials to have hanging from their bouquets. I bought one with my new last initial for my bouquet. The BM bouquets looked GREAT. But you could see the giant key ring on my bouquet. It was ugly. I wasn't happy. The florist didn't understand the problem. LeRae and my sister Erin fixed it. I'm so glad they were there with me! 

 {can you tell how excited I am that this is wrong?}

 {it's ok, they take care of me!}

Once the drama died down, the rest of the morning/early afternoon was just lovely! I had my makeup done at Sephora

And hung out with the girls. 

 {Lisa, the pocket square hero. we have lots of pictures like this.}

 {it took a village to get my dress to do what we wanted it to. here are my bridesmaids wrangling dress and toupee tape to get the fabric to lay flat against my chest. it never really worked the way it should have, and I had marks from the adhesive for most of the honeymoon...regardless, this is still one of my favorites from the wedding!}

I slipped into my shoes, feeling a bit like Cinderella. 

And took one last look before I went to see my almost-husband for the first time on our wedding day. 

Next up: The First Look
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awww these pictures are just adorable!! You looked beautiful!! Happy Anniversary!! I love that last picture, your smile is so genuine!! =)

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