Friday, January 15, 2010

Typefaces and Logos and Alphabets, Oh My!

While wandering around the blogosphere yesterday, I came upon something inexplicably lovely from For Print Only. The blog featured this wonderful, grabby-hands-inducing poster...


As an admitted typography lover (see # 2), and a logo nerd, I just about died when I saw this. If you can't tell by looking, it's an alphabet composed entirely of iconic letters that are either entire logos by themselves (Q, T, O, H, among others), or the first letter in a logo (B, C, G, F, among others). I love when I stumble upon any sort of "name the logo" images, and this has been a particularly entertaining one for me. I absolutely love this, and I'm jonesing for one to hang over my desk at home. (You can purchase them here.)

I studied communications in college, and branding is something that has always fascinated me. Anyone else out there a logo-lover?

I've been able to identify the original brand for most of the letters, but not all of them...The A, L & P are eluding me for some reason. Help a girl out?

Also...Happy Friday!


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