Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How Very, Very Lovely!

Between the earthquake in Haiti and the (obviously less serious in the real world, but still a big-dang-deal here in Knoxville) abrupt departure of Lane Kiffin from the University of Tennessee football program, today had the potential to be a real downer.

But, when I opened my inbox this morning I saw a tiny ray of happiness in the form of this:

Julie over at Brown Eyed Belle left me this lovely little award, and I'm so excited! And it is my first award, which means it's even more fun!

So, to fulfill my end of the deal, I'll provide you with 7 random facts about me, and then tag no more than 7 other beautiful bloggers!

1. I didn't learn how to ride a bike till I was 23. And the only reason I learned then is because my husband insisted I learn so we could ride our bikes to the beach on our honeymoon.
2. I'm a sucker for good typography.
3. I learned how to crochet in October, and it's my new-found obsession.
4. I married my high school sweetheart--my first and only love.
5. I love hiking and taking pictures--simultaneously.
6. My husband I started geocaching last Spring, and it's become a couples' addiction for us.
7. I am a UK basketball fan by marriage.

(I didn't intend for so many of these to involve my husband. I guess I'm missing him today while I'm at work!)

And to tag some bloggers!
Erin at LilBitMom (she's my sister! It's her brand-new baby blog!)
Sarah at Oil's Well With My Soul
LeRae at Glass Half Full
Heather at come and see
EmilySarah at ES&D

I know all of these lovely ladies IRL (in real life), and even if they don't post every day...I think they're awesome and totally worth following!

Thanks again to Julie for being so wonderful and giving me this award! (AND THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE! GO ENTER HER CONTEST!)


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