Thursday, January 14, 2010


Have you seen these???

These are camera strap cozys, sold by Holy Macro on Etsy. And on my gosh, do I want one! They fit over your existing SLR (whether digital or otherwise) camera strap so you can be chic while you shoot! Lucky for me (and all of you), the super cute Hilary of Blissfully Enamored is giving one away! Scoot on over to her blog and check it out! And even if you're not a photographer, enter anyway, and then you can give it to me if you win!

(disclaimer: despite evidence to the contrary on this blog, I do L-O-V-E photography, and a new DSLR all my own is on the shopping list--we're just waiting on the specific camera I want to come back in stock...I hope to start posting more pictures here soon!)

Why are you still here reading? GO ENTER!


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Blissfully Enamored said...

thanks for posting!!!!! :) yay!