Monday, August 30, 2010

Bridal Shower Fun

A very dear friend of mine will tie the knot on October 22nd. In preparation, my girls and I threw her a bridal shower this weekend. Behold: what happens with the Shady Ladies throw a party:

{Name tags for guests and a big, obnoxious tag for the bride to wear}

{My Cricut worked over time! Black & White paper is a 3" circle from the George & Basic Shapes cartridge. White solid paper is a 2.5" circle from the same cartridge. And that's my attempt at calligraphy-like handwriting, with a Sharpie, of course. I hot-glued the flat-backed name tag pins from Wal-Mart on the backs of these.}

{I used one of the decorative shapes from the Ashlyn's Alphabet Cartridge for the red & white papers on the Bride's tag. I then used my Sure-Cuts-A Lot program to cut out the word "Bride." The red ribbon is an effort to make it more obnoxious. I used another flat-backed name tag pin on this.}

{The flowers doubled as decoration and as a thank-you gift for our friend who hosted us at her house.}

{This is Millard. He's awesome.}

{I made this banner using 5" circles for the background, 4.5" circles for the foreground, and 4" letters, all from George & Basic Shapes. I punched holes on either side of the circles, then tied each letter to the next using red curling ribbon. I used the same papers as I did for the name tags.}

{I have a bit of an illness when it comes to making sure things are coordinated. So I designed the gift record to match the invitations...I can't help it!}

{I also designed her invitations and save the date cards. We used the A&W logo on both.}

I provided the paper products for the shower, so I can't take any credit for the food, except for icing the cupcakes (however, someone else made them...including the HOMEMADE ICING. Yeah, I think I gained like 12 pounds...) And we counted...a total of 12 blocks of cream cheese were used in the making of this menu. Sounds like a good party to me!!!

{The ones on the left are sausage pinwheels-aka the best thing EVER. I didn't get a good close-up of these, but they are so super yummy that I needed to tell you about them.}

{I think she had fun!}

{My favorite Knoxville Girls}
{"Clean up." I just had to include this one! And no, she didn't actually drink the rest of the punch out of the bowl. But she considered it. Also, this is the lucky owner of that gorgeous ring I posted over here.}

It was a great weekend! We were all exhausted by the time it was said & done, but I think the bride really enjoyed it, and that's what matters most!

And if the pictures in my header look familiar as you scroll through this post, it's because I decided after this weekend, I needed a small update, and I had fun new pictures to share :)

What did you do this weekend?
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Michelle said...

I love cute party ideas and your menu was fabulous!

x M.

Trish said...

OMG! What a fun party, I LOVE all the decorations and cute platters! Honey, you must tell me about this chocolate chip dip, my hubby will think he has died and gone to heaven! Oh! And what was in your yummy punch? :) xooxox

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

so first things first....i'm with miss trish. MUST.HAVE.CHOCOLATE.CHIP.DIP.RECIPE.STAT.

and couldn't i just pretend to be an old friend of yours and attend soirees such as this? i promise to put on my best manners! all the food looked to die for. and no, i'm not just blog friends because of your cooking. xoxo