Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gratitude, Day 3

Happy Tuesday!

Tuesdays are one of my favorite days of the week for 7 simple reasons. They are:

Lamb (Laura), Manna, Beth, Alyssa, Melissa, Leah & Laura.

These women are my "Shady Ladies." Melissa, Leah, Laura & I grew up at Cokesbury United Methodist Church together, and Lamb, Manna, Beth and Alyssa have all worked with the youth there at some point. We found ourselves all back in Knoxville last fall, after the four "younger" ones graduated from college. Melissa had the idea to start a Bible study, and that's how the Shady Ladies were born! Unfortuantely, since then, Laura has moved to Jackson, Tenn. with her lovely husband. Even though Laura isn't able to join us weekly, she still makes it into town for big events (seen here at a Bridal shower for me last spring!) and she is very much a part of the Shady Ladies. We meet regularly on Tuesday nights, and sometimes, knowing that Tuesday is on its way is the only thing that gets me through Monday!

I am so blessed to have these wonderful, godly women in my life!

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