Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Passion 2010 University Tour

After I told you about my Shady Ladies yesterday...I didn't actually go to our weekly meeting. However, I had a good reason to miss, and that was the Passion 2010 University Tour. The Charlie Hall Band and Fee came to Knoxville, to the University of Tennessee campus, for a $5 concert.

That's right, Charlie Hall, the guy who wrote "Marvelous Light" and "Center" and and "Give Us Clean Hands" was in concert for $5. Along with Fee, who is SO much more rockin' now than he was when I first saw him several years ago at Resurrection.

The concert.was.awesome! We got there early, and were rewarded with 3rd row seats. The concert was small--we were in a 900-seat auditorium--so it was intimate. The worship was passionate and authentic.

I am very grateful to have gotten to spend the evening at such a great concert!

Charlie Hall Band

Fee and Charlie Hall

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