Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ten Things to Smile About

Emmy Mom is just about one of the sweetest women I've "met" through the bloggy world. She has 3 adorable kids (two are pictured above, and the third, Ryder is still a tiny little miracle). Her posts are honest, funny, and entertaining. She's on my must-read list every day!

She also hosts a super fun blog party once a month called Ten Things to Smile About. What a great excuse to take a break from everything going wrong around me, and celebrate some things that are going right! So, in no particular are 10 things I'm smiling about today:

1. This post from Lacey...I'm such a fall/winter girl, and with a December's definitely my favorite month of the year. Many of my bffs have summer hearts, but I'm just not one of them.

2. This post from Julie. I definitely needed some glitter this morning, and I can always count on my girl to bring it!
3. My sweet niece is LAUGHING now! I haven't witnessed it myself, but I have no doubt it's fabulous. 

4. Having a husband who takes care of my car--even when it's painful to pay for. And that we are able to pay for it without going into debt.

5. Having an awesome time during 4th of July festivities.

6. Genius playlists on iTunes.

7. Discovering a new favorite game while hanging out with some of the kids from the youth group.
8. Winning a giveaway AND awesome customer service.

9. Knowing that my trip to Kiawah is getting ever closer...

10. Playing along for the first time with Emmy Mom!

Go link up and let us know what made YOU smile this month!

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Summer {Bisfor...} said...

most of these things would make me happy too, darlin!

Emmy said...

Great list! Thanks for the nice compliments :). So jealous that you are going to Hawaii!!

Jessica @ Life's Good Be Happy said...

Wow, these are great things! & your niece is adorable!!

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

it's fun to accentuate the positives every now and then isn't it? you are precious! love your little niecey poo!

Mrs Montoya said...

I'm over from Emmy's and I'm a "fall" too :) I think your list is great - especially that cute little niece. Our niece turns one in a week and I enjoy her so much!!! Hope you have a great time in Kiawah

Zabrinah said...

What a wonderful list!

This is lovely. You have a blessed life!!

I wish you the best, from one blogger to another!