Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In which we did not get a ticket for setting off fireworks

Why yes, setting off fireworks is illegal in my county. Why do you ask?

As per tradition, after the parade, Hubs, Brother-in-Law, Dad & I piled in the car and headed to the county line to buy contraband. After spending more money than I'll tell you about, we had our stash for the evening.

First experiment of the day: Would bottle rockets taped to a balsa wood airplane make it fly?

Not so much.

Boys setting up for their next blow-up.

This is the proper technique for setting off more than one bottle rocket at a time. Improper technique? Leaving the plastic wrapping on the 12 bottle rockets that are packaged together. I repeat: BAD IDEA.

A few hours pass, and then folks start to show up for the real party. 

Tennessee Caviar

I don't remember what these were called...But they were tortillas, cream cheese and green chilies. Plus salsa.

Lots of soft drinks

Desserts! I'll have to share the recipe for the dish on the bottom right. Key Lime Poke Cake. Delish!

Corn hole!

Bug control

Viewing area


Blown-up vegetables

The piece of lemon that hit me mid-explosion. And yes, I was a "safe" distance away from the launch site.

And, of course, the main event! 

Hope you all had a very happy 4th!
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KLaw said...

Awesome pictures!!

Jessica @ One Shiny Star said...

I'm very jealous, and wish I had been partying like you guys!