Monday, July 12, 2010

Better late than never...

Never better late....We sang this song on a mission trip one year whenever someone showed up to a group meeting late. It went like this...

"Better late than never
 Never better late
 Better late than never
 Never better late
 You're late!
 You're late!
 You're late!
 And you're ugly"

It was obnoxious...and a lot of fun to sing.

Hopefully you won't call me "ugly" for just now posting my 4th of July weekend recap. Pretty please?

We had a great weekend (and OH how I love a long weekend!) full of parades, bbq and explosives--my favorite kind of 4th of July!

The town I grew up in (a suburb of Knoxville) puts on a parade every July 4th, and it's so small-town-Americana I can't help but love it. They close the main drag for a couple of miles through town, folks bring their lawn chairs and blankets and set up shop on the sidewalks. Then just about everyone you can imagine makes their way down the street: Politicians, the high school band, local businesses and radio stations, old car clubs, Boy & Girl Scouts, church name it!

My parents' Sunday school class always meets in the same spot. They bring a tent and some tables and more breakfast food than you can usually eat on a hot summer morning. We chow down and park our behinds on the curb to watch the festivities together. This year it was blessedly overcast. It was hot, for sure, but totally bearable. Also, since the 4th was on a Sunday, the town hosted the parade on Saturday. It felt like "The 4th" all day, even though it was really the 3rd. Oh well!

Chick-fil-A is always a popular parade entry.

 This man IS Barney Fife. He's also a regular in the parade.This is the Andy Griffith rerun watchers club. Really.

 Girl Scouts represent! 

Do you see how glittery this horse is? AWESOME. 

 Y'all know how much I love Bath Junkie, right? This was their float. That's my mom's friend Jill driving the car, and her husband Dale dressed as bath bubbles. How awesome is that?? The duck was my favorite "float" in the parade, and that's all bias aside, really! Also, if you're in the Knoxville area, check out FlutterToday's Bath Junkie deal! AH-MAZ-ING! (Deal is only good on Monday, 7/12/10) 

 From Sir Goony's, a mini golf place in our small town. 

 This was not actually a Delorean...but I also don't remember what it was...

 There were all sorts of characters like these. I think the Shampoo was  my favorite, though I gotta give props to my favorite animal, the Penguin. 

 They may have been a little confused as to the's a Haunted Farm that will be open in October. It was a little creepy though. 

 It's not a parade without a marching band! 

That's enough pictures for the moment. I'll have another 4th weekend recap with pictures from the barbecue and explosives part of the weekend. 

Happy Monday!
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Jessica @ One Shiny Star said...

This looks like so much fun! I didn't do anything, I thought about riding my bike to the festival on the fourth @ world's fair park, but then remembered that I would be riding home in the dark... and you couldn't pay me to drive there. lol. I live in South Knox, just the other side of the river, we didn't have a parade... and if we did, I wasn't invited. ;) Looks like fun though!

Emmy said...

That is funny that they had the Halloween float. Looks like fun