Friday, January 15, 2010


Ok, so all that venting about my loud neighbor is SO not bothering me any see, sweet Hilary just posted that I won the camera strap cozy!!!!

This adorable camera strap cover from HolyMacro is headed my way!

My hubby is working overnight tonight (that's what happens when you marry a youth pastor!), so I was just laying on my couch, watching a rerun of last night's Project Runway and reading the first Harry Potter book (yes, I'm 24. yes, this will be the 5th time I've read it, at least.) when I got a text from real life (and blogger) BFF Julie. She told me I'd won! I don't think I've ever moved so fast! I shot up, grabbed my laptop and grinned from ear to ear! I told Julie that maybe I'm a little too excited about winning this giveaway, but, really, I just think these strap covers are so STINKIN' cute! It makes me want to stalk the new camera I am getting even more passionately to find out when it's in stock! (For some reason, I just don't see my husband getting excited about putting this strap on his DSLR...)

Anyway, enough blabbering from me, THANK YOU HILARY! I'll be sure to post pictures of the camera strap in action once I receive it!

Happy Friday, indeed!


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~KS said...

Congrats!! What a great win!
I am a new follower to your blog :) Happy to be here.
Since you seem lucky right now... try your luck at my blog. I'm hosting a Vera Bradley giveaway that ends Sunday!!

Happy weekend!