Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bingo Round 2

It's time for more Bingo!

I love the thought of painting an interior door. Either to match the room/hallway outside or the room inside, I think this could be really stunning. I also love the little peek of red/orange on the side of the door.

Complementary Color:
I love the statement the bright red-pink wall makes against the green bedding.

Outdoor Seating:
All I can say to this is "yes please!" - to having that amount of space for a giant swing, and, hello, for the GIANT SWING!

Space for a Little One:
I absolutely adore this alphabet for a wall in a nursery.

I love the long, clean lines and that the lights are styled to look like candles.

Here's my updated bingo board!

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Emmy said...

Oh I do like that chandelier!