Tuesday, November 22, 2011

BINGO! Round 1

During the October Photo Challenge, Ali, from His Birdie's Nest, came up with the idea to do an Interior Design Bingo. It would work sort of like the photo challenge in that the goal would be to post photos of 30 different things, each with a theme, but would be much more flexible because themes would not be assigned to specific days. Clearly, since it's the 22nd day of a 30-day month, this is an important feature of this challenge for me :)

So, let's get started! (Side note: These pictures are all from Pinterest, but I do plan on taking and posting pictures of my home for some of the squares on the board!)

When I think of wallpaper, I think of the awful late-80s early-90s stuff that was on the walls of my grandparents' house for years.Well...This ain't my grandmother's wallpaper!

I feel like storage is a universal need. Well, ok, maybe if I lived in the BiltmoreI wouldn't need more storage. But seriously, do you actually know anyone in real life who hasn't said "I wish I had more storage!"??

Source: wanelo.com via Ashley on Pinterest

(I would absolutely need a step stool or ladder to use either of these storage options...)

All I'll ever want in a bathroom is an enormous bathtub. And a fireplace.

In more realistic terms, I think neutrals are a home-run in a bathroom space.

I love that ceilings can be unexpectedly elegant.

Source: houzz.com via Lauren on Pinterest

Art Deco:
Please correct me if I'm way off on this one. Pinterest was my friend when searching for and trying to define "art deco." I was looking for symmetry a retro feel.

So, here's where I am on Bingo!

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