Thursday, June 16, 2011

Green with envy

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

It's week three of Gussy's Inspiration Workshop, and this week's theme is Green.

I'm choosing to take this in two directions, simultaneously. First, green as in plants. Second, green as in green with envy.

See, I'm green with envy over Kimberly Michelle's herb box:

Check out her post to read all about the wonderful herbs she's growing! I'm jealous that she'll have such fantastic fresh herbs right at her finger tips, but I'm also jealous of how gorgeous her herb box looks with the lattice and flowers behind it! It's just beautiful. I now have a whole new set of ideas for what to do with all of the great planting space in our new backyard.

Head on over to Gussy's for more Green Inspiration!
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Kimberly Michelle said...

omg! Please don't envy me! You know where those flowers came from? Our amazing gardening neighbor... it's LITERALLY their vine coming over our fence!

I'm fighting hard to win the battle against the snails and bugs for my herbs, but so far I really do love my herb box despite it all.