Monday, March 21, 2011

Willow House Party!

I mentioned a several weeks back that I worked on a blog design for my friend & Willow House consultant, Felicia. Next Tuesday, I'll be hosting my very own Willow House party! I'd love to be able to invite all my bloggy friends to my apartment to share in some good food & great design, but since that's pretty unrealistic, I asked Felicia if I could host a virtual party for you all, and she said "Yes!"

{I have this Vintage Spiral Stand, and I use it as a jewelry holder! I hang necklaces and bracelets from the cute spiral hooks that come with the stand, and I just slip earrings through the loops. I LOVE it!}
So, here's how this works: Click over to Felicia's Willow House site. Check out the catalog in the top right-hand corner, or click the "Shop Now" button on the right side bar. If you click "Shop Now," you can scroll through the featured items, or use the buttons at the top to browse the different collections.

{I also have this Heritage Hurricane Trio collection. The three pieces are so versatile! The colors are just perfect for my apartment, too.}
When you find something you can't live without (and believe me, you WILL!), just add it to your cart.

{My apron collection got a whole lot cuter when I got my Gail Pittman Alfresco Hook (far left--and it comes with 2 hooks!). I love every piece of the Gail Pittman collection!}
And even better? If you buy a single item at $39.96 or more, you can get 50% of a SECOND item of $39.96 or less! Buy one, get one half off? Yes, please!

{The Gail Pittman Allegria Serving Tray is on my wish list!}
When you're checking out, be sure to put "Ashley Cross" in when it asks you to select your host! If it doesn't already list "Felicia Story" as the consultant, be sure to put her in name in there, too!

{I'm quite sure that I'll be a proud owner of this Continental Kitchen Apron after next Tuesday! RUFFLES!!!!}
And that's it! Your items will be shipped directly to you, and shipping is super-speedy!

{I also REALLY love this Mix-And-Match Wreath Hanger. A flour-de-lis AND an adorable reindeer? Swoon!}
You want to know something even better? There's a little section of the site called the Outlet Store.

{I love this geometric vase, available in the Outlet Store for only $6.96!}
Holy discounts, Batman! Most of the items in the Outlet store are 70% off or more! Really, you just can't beat it!!!

{And how gorgeous is this Jackson Square Mirror, only $36.96, originally $129.95!}
Can you handle the fabulous overload? I get so excited to think about how much CUTER my apartment would be if I filled it with Willow House items. I really, genuinely LOVE Willow House product!

{Pretty sure I'd get back into the morning coffee habit if I had these adorable Terrace Café Mugs!}
And if you're a fan of People, All You, Health, Southern Living, Real Simple, Cooking Light, Sports Illustrated, or any of a whole slew of other magazines, you can order those at a discounted rate through Willow House, too!

Really, I could go on & on about the wonderful products available from Willow House, but it would be much more fun for you to click over to Felicia's site, and browse for yourself! I do warn you, though, I could spend hours on there and not even realize it :)

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, or shoot me an email! I'd love to chat with you about Willow House!

Felicia will accept orders for my bloggy party through Tuesday, March 29th at noon Eastern.

Happy Shopping!

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