Wednesday, November 17, 2010


My sweet friend Julie from Brown Eyed Belle tagged me in a little blog game. It was the sweetest surprise for a Monday morning(even though I'm posting on Wednesday...)--the "I Love Your Blog" Game!

Here goes:

1. Why did you create this blog?

I first became addicted to blogs when I discovered Weddingbee. I had high hopes of blogging for that fun and creative community, so I started a wedding blog while I was planning my wedding. My dedication was lacking, however, and with stresses of work, life, and wedding planning, my role as a 'Bee was not in the cards. I loved reading blogs, though, and I often have opinions and random things to say, so I decided to start a "life" blog after I got married. Now this is just a little corner of the internet for musings, pretty things, and friendships that have popped up. I'm still shocked that people I've never met in person would want to read anything I have to say! 

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
I follow all sorts of blogs--fashion, music, religious, pregnancy/baby/mommy, photography...My favorites are over on the sidebar! 

3. Your favorite make up brand?

The only brand I am strictly loyal to is Bare Minerals for foundation and Mineral Veil. I also LOVE the Prime Time make up primer. I hoard it like it's going out of style, usually...For all other makeup, I love to try new things!

4. Your favorite clothing brand?
I will be the first to tell you--I am NO fashionista. I like comfortable clothes that are cute and inexpensive. I just have other priorities that I'd rather spend money on. Today I'm wearing jeans from Kohl's, a sweater from (the no-longer-in-business) Goody's and children's shoes from Payless. Yes, I buy children's shoes. I have tiny feet. Basically, if it's on clearance or available at TJ Maxx, I like it. If anyone wants to nominate me for What Not To Wear, I'll be glad to give you my contact info :) (I don't think I dress terribly--I'm not up-to-date on the latest fashions, but I also don't run around in parachute pants circa 1989.)

5. Your indispensable make-up product?

I always wear Bare Minerals foundation, eye shadow and mascara. I RARELY leave the house without at least those three things. If I could only wear one make-up product for the rest of my life, though, I'd have to go with mascara. 

6. Your favorite color?

To wear? Black or gray (boring, right??). I also love turquoise and pink to wear, red and navy to decorate with, sage green for everything kitchen. I pretty much love all colors. I think they all have their place! 

7. Your favorite film?

Always has been, always will be...The Wizard of Oz

8. Your favorite perfume?

I rarely wear perfume. I tend to gravitate more toward scented lotions and body sprays. My favorite place for all things smelly-good? Bath Junkie. My scent of the moment is the "Autumn Harvest" blend--cranberry, red apple & pumpkin. YUM!

9. What country would you like to visit and why?

I would LOVE to visit Ireland. There is Irish in my blood (and in my husband's), plus, they have CASTLES there! 

10. Write the last question and answer it yourself.
What's on your keychain?

  • Caribeener from Divine Rhythm, the young adult event I am on the Design Team for.
  • Car key and keyless entry fob
  • Rewards/shopping cards: AC Moore, Food City, Ingles, Kroger, New York & Company, Babies R Us (actually from my sister's account--no babies in my house any time soon!)
  • Nickle cross that I got on choir tour my freshman year of high school. This has been on every keychain I've had since 2001!
  • C charm that was on my wedding bouquet :)
  • Apartment key (with sock monkey key cover!)
  • 2 keys to my parents' house
  • Mailbox key
Now, to pass on the love, I tag:
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Summer {Bisfor...} said...

thank you for the tag. i adore you so much! i do. i do. i do.

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

I am your newest follower and those eyelashes are really neat!! wow!