Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I liked up to Beth's blog in my post yesterday. She is asking for help for her city. Nashville is underwater...with little to no national media coverage of the disaster.

I'm a Tennessee girl, and it breaks my heart to know that so many people in my state are hurting. The devastation has been unbelievable. Nashville is just a day-trip for us...We took a day trip there when my niece was born! And boy am I glad she came early, so her parents (and the rest of the family) didn't have to worry about her being born in the midst of the storms and flooding that took place a few days after her birth. I am so thankful that they were home from the hospital and not in downtown Nashville during all of this...I just can't imagine...

Back in March, I chaperoned a youth retreat, and we stayed at the Opryland Hotel. This post includes pictures of that gorgeous hotel. I can't really describe how much I LOVED walking around the Atria...they are just stunning...

I got an email from a friend today...these pictures were included. From the looks of the pictures, the entire first floor of the hotel is underwater. All I can come up with to say is, "I just can't imagine..."

If you'd like to donate to relief efforts, UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) has a fund set up specifically for these Spring Storms. Click here to donate, and be sure to select Spring Storms 2010 from the drop-down menu.

Also, here are some great articles. This one is an Op-Ed written by a Nashville-native--but it's in the New York Times! And this one is from a hockey blog, but a great article about Nashville herself.

Please keep the victims of these storms in your prayers. And be thankful for your dry spot of land tonight.
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Beth McC. said...

I have tears in my eyes when I read these post about Nashville! Thank you so much for helping us get the word about out Amazing city!! THANK YOU!!!