Thursday, October 29, 2009

Office Contests

Our office is a pretty fun place sometimes. We have contests and celebrations. November means the chili cook-off. December brings 12 Days of Christmas Goodies. My department gets harassed for "always" having food of some sort: breakfast, lunch, cookies. Oh, the cookies.

The Newspaper we work with (I work for corporate, but we work from the newspaper building) holds contests, too. There was a trail mix contest in conjunction with the United Way fundraising campaign. Since we now share a building, the corporate "weasles" (as we are sometimes called) get to participate, too. There was a Halloween treat contest and a costume contest.

I won funniest costume.

(angry eyes)
Please excuse the sorry cell-phone picture.

(not angry eyes)
Please excuse the terrible look on my face in this one. Sheesh!

I was Mrs. Potato Head, and that purse I'm carrying contains another pair of eyes, a different nose, and another set of lips, too. My mom and I made the costume out of felt, velcro and some fabric glue. It was quite entertaining.

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