Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An Undeniably Beautiful Few Days

Last week was rainy. Every.Single.Day. Rainy. More rain than I care to remember. And Knoxville didn't receive the worst of the rain. But still, it was ridiculously rainy.

Then, the clouds cleared on Sunday. I wore jeans an a long-sleeve t-shirt on Sunday afternoon (and took the best nap I've had in a while!). Long sleeve t-shirt weather is my favorite. Really. Yesterday was equally beautiful, and I spent most of my drive up to White Pine, Tenn. with the windows half way down and the music way up.

When I walked outside for work this morning, I quickly ran back inside to get a jacket. It was 42 degrees! How.I.Love.Fall. I have a strong desire to grab my blanket (yes, I keep a blanket at my desk at work. It gets very cold in here!) and take my laptop outside. We have a very pretty grassy area right outside the door where my cube is now (though I'll be moving on FRIDAY!) and it would be a perfect place for a little outdoor work station.

It's simply beautiful. Days like this remind me (though it's not often I forget) how much I love Knoxville, and East Tennessee in general. I don't have any desire to ever live anywhere else.

{photo by Carter, in October, sometime in the last 6 years. Volunteer Landing; Henley Street Bridge}

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