Friday, September 25, 2009

New Gig!

It's official! As of 10/5/09, I start my new job. I'm still working for Scripps, but I'm moving into a new role. I will be a Web Analyst, which is a bit technical (and maybe sometimes over my head?), but I'm very excited. I'm looking forward to more-regular hours and a more-comfy paycheck.

I originally interviewed for an analyst job with Scripps during my senior year at E&H. I worked in the Business Intelligence department as an intern my second semester, and was (wrongly) sure I would get the full time job. The timing wasn't quite right then, so when I returned to Knoxville, I was still an intern. I kept my internship that summer, turning down a job with a local church to hold out for something full-time with Scripps.

My opportunity came in August, when I was hired as the Innovation Business Assistant. My title changed with the New Year to Corporate Sales Business Assistant, and twice in 2009 I was unable to actually be hired in the BI group.

Now that I have the opportunity to move up, I am grateful. Grateful for the time I've spent as an Admin (though my out-of-work attitude may at times have proved otherwise) and for getting to work alongside some truly awesome people. I'm only moving across the hall, but the move is bigger than that for me. I have a "big girl" job, with "big girl" responsibilities, and, down the road, "big girl" advancement opportunities. I am grateful.

I also hope to have a little more time outside of work for the things I really love to do, but that just don't pay the bills. I hope to get my photography blog ready ready to "advertise" on Craigs List, and maybe drum up some side money by being an extremely amateur lifestyle photographer. I hope to actually catch up on my scrapbooking, starting with the wedding and working backwards to college. And I hope to spend some awesome time with Carter, who has been my biggest cheerleader through the ups and downs of being a career-woman.

I am grateful.

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