Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bed Head by TIGI - BzzAgent Review

A few months ago, I signed up to be a BzzAgent at the encouragement of some friends who are also BzzAgents. I filled out some surveys (ok, a lot of surveys!), and not long after, I enrolled in my first BzzCampaign! I got to try On the Rebound from Bead Head by TIGI for free!

I describe my hair as somewhere between wavy & curly. At the moment, my hair is as long as I've ever had it - it falls just between my shoulder blades. Since I started wearing my hair curly on a daily basis, about 10 years ago, I've changed products with almost every purchase. I've tried just about everything, from gels to sprays to creams to mousses.

On the Rebound from Bed Head by TIGI is a curl cream designed to tame frizz. I tried On the Rebound the morning after my BzzKit arrived, dispensing a line of cream from the bottom of my palm to the top. I worked the cream in at the roots of my hair (while my hair was flipped upside down) and then worked it to the ends. Based on the way my hair felt, I decided I needed another application to make sure all of my hair was covered. That day my hair was low-frizz, but...crunchy. I gave the same technique a try for a few days, with the same result. Only using Bed Head, and in the quantity I needed for all of my hair, yielded crunchy results. Some folks with curly hair like the crunchy feel. It keeps frizz at bay! But, I'm not a fan of the crunchy texture.

Now that I've been using On the Rebound for more than a month, I've developed a routine that I'm very happy with. After a shower and towel-drying my hair, I dispense a line of product onto my palm. I flip my head over and distribute the product from root to tip on the front of my hair. Then I use a golf-ball sized amount of my mousse in the rest of my hair. This lets me keep frizz at bay where it's the worst - at the root at the top of my head and around my face. It keeps the rest of my hair soft and the curl holds well. After I've applied the product, I dry my hair with a diffuser and finish my style with some hair spray.

I gave On the Rebound 4 stars because I really do like the product, but not enough to stand alone. I like my results best when I use it in conjunction with another product.

When my fellow curly girls ask me what products I recommend, I will definitely include On the Rebound in that list. While I don't feel like the product is right for my hair on its own, I have had many more good hair days than bad since I've started using it.

{Good Hair Day - thanks to On the Rebound!}

(Fine print: I received a free full-sized sample of On the Rebound from Bed Head by TIGI from BzzAgent in exchange for my honest review. Opinions are my own.)

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