Monday, April 8, 2013

And then...

As I was certain would be the case when Lent started 8+ weeks ago, I fell off the Gospel reading schedule pretty rapidly. It might have helped that I had it in my head that I'd be reading the entire New Testament, when really the schedule was just the four Gospels. Either way, I fell off the wagon.

But, here I am, April 8th, and I've gotten into a pretty decent habit of reading a chapter a day, which is pretty good for me. I too easily get distracted and make other things a priority over reading my Bible. And on the days that I've missed my morning reading, I've noticed a difference.

And so, even though the "goal" I set for myself in mid-February was not achieved, I'll keep reading. I'll keep learning. I'll keep an eye out and a heart open to what the Word has to say. And I know it will be good stuff.

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