Thursday, June 9, 2011

Drooling over Kitchens

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

Sometimes, a whole month passes by and I realize I haven't blogged. And then a few more weeks pass. And, well, I'm back :)

While I was gone? Hubs and I bought & moved into a house. We also went on a family vacation. Needless to say things have been busy. But I've missed my little blog corner. So, to get my feet wet again, I've decided to link up with one of my favorite bloggers, Gussy, for the Inspiration Workshop.

You can read all about the workshop on Gussy's site. When you sign up, you receive an email on Friday with a prompt for the next week. I'm a week late jumping on board, but I'm sure Gussy won't mind :)

This week's inspiration: Kitchens!

I think most women have a love-hate relationship with their kitchens. For the women in my family (i.e., my mom and my sister), it's because their kitchens are small. For some,  it's because it takes much longer to clean up than it does to get messy (this is me!). And, some just don't like to cook! (this is definitely NOT me!)

I'm lucky enough to have a brand-new (to me, anyway) kitchen, and so far, I'm pretty happy with it!
It's not the world's most-updated kitchen, but so far, it's proven to have enough counter space and cabinet space. I have a pantry now (that's the door handle I'm holding in this picture--this was on move-in day!), which makes all the difference in the world. I also have enough cabinet space for my dishes, which means my serving dishes are on display in my china cabinet, the former home of my everyday dishware. So far, Hubs and I have replaced the cabinet pulls/handles, hung blinds and a valance over the kitchen sink, and blinds on the french doors (which you can't see in this picture). It has a small area for a 4-person table, so it's technically an "eat-in" kitchen. I can't tell you how happy I am to really have a kitchen table! We only had a bar (on the other side of the kitchen sink) in our apartment. I'm getting spoiled, I tell you! We have plans to paint the wall that the pantry is on, and we'll also put some other decorative dishes above the cabinets as a pretty way to store them. Once I feel like the kitchen is "finished," I'll post pictures.

Oh, and I'd LOVE to get my hands on this kind of cabinet organization, from

Here are some kitchens that I find completely inspiring, some in an "if only!" sort of way...

I love the glass-front cabinets!

I'll take that view any day of the week! And all that space!

Why yes, that is a fireplace in the kitchen. I love all the light, too

I love the booth seat in this one!

 Big, open, airy, light, lots of seating. Love it!

Head on over to Gussy's today to find some other kitchen inspiration!
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Earl-Leigh said...

Yowza! That tropical kitchen is the best. I love the blues, greens and dashes of red.