Friday, April 1, 2011


I do realize that I'm late to the party on this Pinterest thing, but after the gracious and lovely Kori sent me an invitation a few weeks ago (thank you, Julie, for hooking me up with Kori for the invite!), I've really come to love this virtual bulletin board.

{My Pinterest home page}
I have read about Pinterest on several blogs over the past few months, but I was leery of signing up for something else. Twitter and following blogs seems to keep me pretty busy, and I just wasn't all that interested in some new form of social media. I even have a Tumblr account that sits vacant and ignored.

But I kept wishing I had a place to collect all of the pretty/cute/fun/good images I have found online. And to group them into categories! Like a category for what I might like my master bedroom to look like one day (I picked this picture for the wall color, not the furniture...)

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Or a central place to keep track of beautiful quotes:

You get the idea! When you sign up for Pinterest, you install a simple button on your toolbar. Just click that button on any page with an image, and Pinterest will ask you which image you wish to pin. Pick your image, add a description, tags, and/or price, and pick which board to pin the image to. Then all of your "Summer Swimsuits 2011" inspiration is one place. And the best part is? The images link back to their original source.

You can follow different Pinterest users and even individual Pinterest boards, so when you log on, you only see pins from your friends! And if someone else posts something you really love, you can "repin" it, and the image will still link back to the original source. Brilliant!

As you can tell, I'm a big fan of Pinterest! If you think you would be, too, I get 6 invitations to send to my friends! If you'd like one, comment below or shoot me an email, and I'd be glad to hook you up! If you're already on Pinterest, leave me your user name, so I can start following you. And if you want to follow me, I'm ABCmrs, just like on Twitter :)

And if you don't think you want to get sucked into another account on a website, no worries. You can also just browse Pinterest boards put together by Pinterest community members! Inspiration with no end!

Hope you all have a great weekend!
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Emmy said...

I have never ever heard of that but that does sound awesome. It is so easy to see something I really like and then totally forget where it was.