Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Hearts Day

Hubs and I aren't the type of couple to go out to a fancy restaurant on Valentine's Day. Last year we actually weren't home for V-day, so we went out a few weeks before, using a gift card we had gotten as a wedding gift.

This year? We're headed to my parents' house to enjoy some lasagna. See, my parents ALWAYS have lasagna on Valentine's Day. In 1975, my mom invited my dad over to her apartment to have lasagna. They had dated the summer after high school, broken up for two years, and this was their second-first date. They've been together ever since. (You can read more about my dad and my parents' relationship here.)

{aren't they precious? from my wedding}

We also got to have lunch yesterday with Hubs' parents and little brother. AND, I got to hang out with three of my BFFs last night, playing Just Dance and watching the Grammys! I love getting to spend this holiday with so many people that I love, not just one :)

As for gifts? Well, we decided to forgo gifts this year, and I'm totally at peace with this. But when Hubs got home from work last night (at around 11:30), he had these for me.

I'm one happy - and blessed - girl.

What's your favorite way to celebrate - or not! - Valentine's Day?
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