Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wishing you the Merriest

If you read my post over at Southern Sirens yesterday, you know I've got Christmas on my mind. If you don't wish to read about Christmas-related things before Thanksgiving, I guess this is "goodbye" until November 26. Chances are all things red and green will be making repeat appearances here for the next 2 or so months. Consider this your fair warning!

One of the things I think is perfectly reasonable to begin planning for in November are Christmas cards. Before I got married, I always found my way to a bookstore, picked out a cute box of pre-printed cards, signed my name and called it done.

Starting last year, however, the Christmas card is a bit more involved. Hubs and I got married last year, and we started the photo card tradition for our new family.

{Last year's card}

This year, the fine folks at Shutterfly are offering free Christmas cards to bloggers who simply post about their favorite design options in the Shutterfly shop. Sign me up! (Sign YOU up!)

Here are a few that I love:

{Holly Frame 5x7 Folded Card}

{Glow & Behold 5x5 Flat Card}
{Joy to 2010 5x7 Folded Card}

{Love Stockings 5x7 Flat Card}

{Get Glowing 5x7 Flat Card}
{Nativity Blessing 5x7 Flat Card}
Clearly I have a bit of decision ahead of me! I love modern card designs with bright colors and sweet sentiments. I prefer cards that include the word "Christmas" or some reference to the birth of Christ. I also like to have the year printed on the card somewhere. I'm envisioning the scrapbook that has a Christmas card from our little family for every year. I love it!

The cool thing about Shutterfly is that they offer a wide variety of card types: Flat Stationery, Flat Photo and Folded Stationery. Some of the same designs are available in the different card types, too, so you really aren't limited in what you can select!

And if you're like me, being able to order coordinating return address labels just sweetens the deal, right?

I also love that this promotion is available to bloggers of all sizes (even little ol' me!), there isn't a contest to enter or any hoops to jump through. Just post about your favorite cards (which is something I would have done anyway!!).

So, which Shutterfly cards do you like best?

And special thanks to Emily for introducing me to this deal!
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