Friday, July 2, 2010

The time is right for a long weekend

Oh the joys of a long weekend! At the company I work for, we have spurts of long weekends...We have MLK Day off in January, and then it's a long, cold winter until Memorial Day rolls around. But then! It's Memorial Day! And only one short month later, it's the 4th of July! And then it's not TOO much longer till Labor Day! And then--then! We get 2 days off at Thanksgiving (yes, I get Black Friday as a paid holiday. My company clearly has its priorities in order!), and another 2 days at Christmas and one for New Year's...and then it's MLK Day again!

So, here we are, 4th of July weekend. And I'm off of work on Monday. HOLLA! But the long weekend isn't the only reason I'm excited. I. Love. The. Fourth. Of. July.

The Fourth of July is totally a family holiday for me. We go to a small-town Americana parade, eat lots of yummy food and blow stuff up at my parents' house (sounds so delicate, right?). It's the one time of year my parents get REALLY excited and open up their home to just about anyone who wants to show up. 

Come back next week for a full recap of our weekend and plenty of pictures. And if you know any, hug a veteran! 

Happy holiday weekend, loves!
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~KS said...

I adore the 4th too... and those cupcakes at the end are making me hungry!!

Happy holiday weekend to you!

Tiffany said...

hope your holiday was wonderful!