Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More baby shower goodness

On Saturday, one of my BFFs, Melissa and her mom (one of my mom's BFFs) hosted a baby shower for my sister. Yes, my sister is incredibly loved and this baby will be ridiculously spoiled, as this was her FOURTH baby shower! It was so much fun! Please enjoy the pictures and commentary.

Mom made Erin put a name tag on the baby. It was pretty cute :)

Hannah's nursery will be all about animals, and Melissa found the cutest decorations on this website.

She took one of the plates to the Kroger bakery, and they made this cake. It was adorable AND delicious!

 For favors, Melissa found a template to make baby booties out of scrapbook paper. She, her mom and her grandmother spent quite a bit of time Easter weekend crafting these cuties. They filled them with Sour Patch Kids, one of Erin's favorite candies. 

 Some of the guests (top) and my Mom's "Ya-Yas" and Erin (bottom). All of these ladies graduated from high school together! My mom is the one on the far right that is standing up.

Gifts! My aunt brought the one in the owl wrapping paper. The paper came from Borders and was even sparkly! This totally screamed "JULIE!" to me.

Speaking of Julie, she couldn't come to the shower, but she sent the CUTEST gift. It started with the adorable envelope she mailed it in! 

Erin's reaction when she saw the gift. You see, it's SO JULIE, that she couldn't help but laugh. 

Yup, it's a little baby Polo outfit and Laura Ashley shoes. Hannah is officially better dressed than I am! SO STINKIN' CUTE!!!!

And, of course, the obligatory "wrap momma-to-be in toilet paper" shot. It took 11 sheets to go around her belly, but she's probably up to 12 or 13 today--She's growing A LOT!

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Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

I absolutely love Erin's reaction!! I searched and searched for a little outfit, and then I saw that and dropped everything else I had! And the shoes??! I love you all so much!! I can't wait til I get to hold sweet baby Hannah!

Sarah Ann said...

:) so love it! fun!!

OMG Mom said...

Super cute baby shower! I also ordered my shower stuff from Party Pail and it was animal themed! I love cute animals too. Mia's nursery is pink giraffes from PBK. What's weird though is that in real life, I'm not an animal person. Like, you would never find me at a zoo or walking a dog.
Also love the owl wrapping paper!

busygirlblog.com said...

The booties idea is so cute!!!