Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby Shower Recap

I apologize for my absence lately! We had my sister's baby shower two weeks ago, but she ended up in the hospital on Sunday. All is well with sister and baby, but needless to say the first half of last week was quite stressful. Then the second half of last week was spent preparing for and visiting Georgia for Easter, so I've been a bit busy!

But, I return to you today with pictures from the baby shower welcoming my niece, Hannah Grace! (all photos by me)

My mom made the centerpiece from a wreath. Since the shower was the week before Easter, eggs and Easter grass were a natural choice. The baby toys all around the wreath came off easily for Erin to add to Hannah's stash. The "table cloth" is an heirloom family quilt.

I'm perhaps a little too proud of my cupcakes. Erin likes white cupcakes with cream cheese icing, so I obliged, but went a little overboard by dyeing the cupcakes pink and the icing green. The little toppers are shapes I cut out using my Cricut with the New Arrival cartridge. I just taped the shapes to colorful toothpicks and put one in each mini cupcake.

I used quite a bit of my Southern Living serving pieces, including this Gail Pittman hand-painted ruffle bowl. (I believe this color, Provence, may be discontinued.) Even though it's not specifically a vegetable dish, I thought the colorful combination of carrots, grape tomatoes and broccoli worked well.

This little giraffe toy was my favorite part of the wreath my mom made.

Another Cricut creation. The triangle banner pieces are from the Celebrations cartridge (which I borrowed from a friend). The letters are from Ashlyn's Alphabet. I used my Xyron to adhere the letters to the triangles, then strung it all together using coordinating ribbon. You can see an antique china cabinet in the mirror that is a delicious shade of green, and the quilt panels hanging in the upper windows are the permanent window treatment in my mom's living room (and are also from an heirloom quilt). I just love my mom's old-country charm!

The fruit skewers my great-aunt Helen made were colorful and delicious! Not to mention healthy for baby and mommy-to-be.

The whole spread. We had Fritos and French Onion Dip, miniature blueberry and banana nut muffins, celery boats, deviled eggs, fruit skewers, homemade cheese crackers, mini quiches, veggies and mini cupcakes, with a pineapple/orange punch. No one left hungry :-)

This picture reminds me why I'll be walking/running after work today (aka, I hate it), but I wanted you to see the others! Me, my mom, Erin and Hannah Grace, and my great-aunt Helen. You can also see Erin's corsage, which my mom made. It's comprised of a baby washcloth, some baby socks and a couple of pacifiers, all tied off with ribbon. It was held together with a large safety pin, which means disassembly was easy. Since you can't buy just one of any of these items, Erin also got to hang on to the extras. It's quite possibly the most useful corsage I've ever seen. My mom is a creative genius :-)

We also played a few games, including match the baby animal to the mommy animal and nursery rhyme trivia, and Hannah now has more pairs of shoes than I do (kidding, she's got a little ways before she catches up with me, but she's not too far behind!). Overall we had a lovely Saturday morning with some of our favorite women in the family.

So, how have y'all been?
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