Thursday, March 25, 2010

Welcome! And thank you!

I know it may not seem like many to some of you, but I'm up to 29 followers, and I know several of you have joined in the past week or so, so I wanted to reach out and say:
I am honored and flattered that you would want to join me here as babble on about life and silly things. It makes my heart smile to see when someone new has joined us, and when I get an email letting me know I've received a comment, I grin out loud. (and yes, that's a strange phrase, but it's true. try it sometime).

I also want to say to each of you, including the ones who have been here from the start:
...for being here and reading along. I've started blogs once or twice in the past, always to give them up within a few weeks...months at the most. But I know how excited I get to see when one of you has posted something new, and the possibility that maybe, just maybe, you get excited to see something I've posted...well, it makes me want to keep going with this little blog 'o mine. So...thank you.

And...tomorrow's Friday(!)
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