Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I've been a bad blogger!

Oh my goodness, how is it February already? The last two weekends have been busy and out-of-town, so my time to slow down and breathe has gone away...which means I'm totally lost in terms of time and space! My sincere apologies!

I must also apologize-while-simultaneously-thanking Valerie at Next to Heaven for beings such a sweetheart and giving me an award! Last week Valerie left me the Beautiful Blogger award, and I've not had 2 seconds to sit down and thank her for it until now! I also need to pass along this lovely gift!


So, the rules this time around are to post the award, list 10 things that make me happy, do at least one of them today, then tag 10 other beautiful bloggers to do the same! Here goes: 

  1. My husband (yes, this is also Valerie's first entry, but it's true, so I used it :) )
  2. Hershey's cinnamon chips in baking. They're hard to find and oh.so.good.
  3. Cakes and cupcakes of all sorts (having some tonight at my small group meeting!)
  4. Driving with the windows down
  5. iTunes Genius playlists (Currently based off of MJ's "Black or White")
  6. New pajamas
  7. Checking things off my to-do list
  8. Crocheting
  9. Cuddling with my MacBook
  10. Blog love!
As for other beautiful bloggers, I must pass this along to:
  1. Adventures of Anonymous Prep 
  2. Susan at Whatsoever Things are Beautiful 
  3. The Wife from The Cobia Family 
  4. Meredith at Flash Pasturized 
  5. Mandy at OMG! I'm a Mom! 
  6. Kristen at We Are That Family 
  7. Kelsey Claire at Lavender, Leopard & Lace 
  8. The Hip Hostess 
  9. Kimberly Michelle 
  10. All of the lovely ladies at (In)Courage 
If you aren't familiar with these blogs, you should be! Go visit!

Thanks again to Valerie. You've made my day twice over!
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meredith said...

woo hoo, THANKS SO MUCH!!

i, too, LOVE itunes genius playlists and macbooks!!!

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

Yay!! You are so beautiful!

anonymous prep said...

Thanks for passing this along!