Monday, December 7, 2009

I Can't Help But Sing Along

I'm a Tennessee girl, through and through. Though I was born in Florida (please don't tell on me! I try to keep it a secret!) my family only lived there for 6 weeks after I was born. My parents and older sister packed up and moved "home" after that--back to Knoxville, where my mother was born and raised, and where my father moved to when he was in the 8th grade (my parents also met the year he moved here, but that's a story for another post!).

Since then I've have a total of 3 permanent residences, including the apartment that is my first married home with Carter. I went to college in Southwest Virginia, which I loved with all of my heart. But there's just something about Tennessee.

So, when the air gets colder and my favorite radio station, Love 89, starts playing the Christmas music, there is one song that I simply cannot help but sing along to. Can you guess it?

Amy Grant's Tender Tennessee Christmas gets me every time. You can find me BELTING it whenever it comes on my radio, or when I bust out my Amy Grant Christmas albums (hers will always be among my all-time favorites).(This is only problematic when I'm listening while at work. Then I have to belt it in my heart, and not in my voice. My coworkers would NOT appreciate it...!)

So, what Christmas songs do you HAVE to sing along to when you hear them?

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