Tuesday, September 1, 2009


It's been a Chesney kind of day. It started this morning, when the radio show I listen to on my way to work (Kris and Marisa in the Morning on Love 89) asked listeners to call in and tell how they came to be pet owners. As my story is unique, I called in and was on the radio!

Here's the story: my college roommate, Natalie, and I decided that when we moved off campus for our senior year, we'd love to have a cat. We decided we didn't really want to pay a hefty adoption fee, though, so we just put the idea on the back burner, bringing it up every now and then. Halloween came around, and we had a party at our apartment. While some of our guests were out on our back patio, this little guy appeared: only skin and bones, and so hungry he ate a hot dog bun.

A friend announced that she was going to keep the kitty, so imagine my surprise when I took the trash out after the party was over, and this furry friend ran in the front door and straight up the stairs. I yelled "Natalie, I think we have a cat!" I went to the 24-hour Kroger, got a litter box and some cat food, and now Chesney lives with my husband and me in our apartment.

After my morning radio feature (ha!) I got to work, and as I was reading updates from TweetDeck, I saw this: Your pets will love this Glamour Giveaway : Enter to Win a FURminator: http://glamourthis.com. That's right, Kelly (the fabulous Mrs. Flamingo from Weddingbee) is giving away a Furminator on her blog, Glamour This. Kelly is also @blushink on Twitter. So, to enter the contest, I told her my second Chesney story:

Funny pet story: My cat, Chesney, adopted my college roommate and I after a Halloween party two years ago. When he adopted us, we checked for gender, saw nothing of consequence and deemed him a girl. We took him to the vet so they could shave his/her belly to see if she/he had been spayed, and found no scar. Deciding she was an unspayed female, we took her/him to the spay/neuter clinic to do our pet-owner duty. The clinic called 30 minutes later, laughing, telling me we had brought in an already-neutered boy to be spayed…Oops!

I also tweeted her message, and now I'm blogging for a third shot at the furminator! If you can't tell from the picture above, Chesney is described as a "medium hair" domestic cat. That means my apartment has little tufts of blonde hair EV.ERY.WHERE. How awesome would a furminator be to eliminate that mess! So, Kelly, please: Pick me!

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