Thursday, August 20, 2009

Conversationalism in the Professional World

I just submitted my resumé for a job I am admittedly uninterested in. I said so in my cover letter and in the email I sent. The job is part time, with no benefits, and as the insurance carrier for my newly-minted husband and myself, I simply need health insurance in any job I accept. But I digress.

I heard of this job via the all-consuming Twitter. I love Twitter, and my love grew deeper the day I got a free washer and dryer via Twitter. But I digress again. A woman I used to work with (and now has a fabulous job with Ackermann PR) tweeted about an opening, and I inquired. She gave me more details, and I decided, "What the heck? At the very least, she'll see my name, and if something full time ever comes up, perhaps she'll remember my name from our brief stint working together and now from my randomly submitting an application for a job I can't take." My question is, though, was I too conversational in my communication with her?

I know her personally, so I say no. I know that she is very conversational on Twitter and on her personal blog. I know that she is not a stuffy corporate weasel--that she is a real person--and I'm hoping will appreciate my voice and reality when she (hopefully) reads my cover letter. But was this professionally appropriate? I was non-applying for a job in social media, so it seems strange to me that my resumé and cover letter would be stuffy and professional, when the reality of social media-ites is far from that. Sure, social media mongers put on suits for client meetings, but I think to work in this industry, you would have an appreciation for a writer's voice and personality.

But was this the right choice?

I guess time will tell...

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